Drupal vs. Dreamweaver

Dreamweaver is a great software package to develop smaller, static websites.  Some of the key differences between Dreamweaver and Drupal:

  • Costs:
    Dreamweaver:  Costs approximately $700 per install ($199 with UA Discount)
    Drupal:   Costs nothing
  • Updating the Site:
    Dreamweaver:   The website can only be updated from that one computer
    Drupal:  The website can be updated from any computer with an internet connection and a browser
  • Webmaster vs. Content Editors:
    Dreamweaver: There is typically a 'webmaster' that maintains the site
    Drupal:  Is meant to have many users who maintain their own content
  • Add On Functionally:
    Dreamweaver:  Functionally can be added using a scripting language and requires programming skills.
    Drupal:  Advanced functionally can be added without programming skills
  • Learning Curve:
    Dreamweaver:  Relatively easy to learn
    Drupal:  Higher learning curve but less of a problem due to the hands-on Drupal workshops.
  • Static vs. Dynamic:
    Dreamweaver:  creates mostly static web pages
    Drupal: creates dynamic, database driven web pages