Online Drupal Workshops

The Drupal Workshops can be gone through online, however, we do not provide a Drupal website to work with and we do not provide any technical support.

How to take the workshops:

  1. You must have a Drupal website to work on while taking the workshops online.   We do not provide drupal website accounts.  We do offer free accounts on the W6 server to UA departments, organizations and faculty members ONLY if the website you will be building is a university-related website.  You can install drupal on the w6 server.
    1. To apply for a W6 account, see: Web Hosting on W6 - Linux/Apache/cPanel
    2. Install Drupal within your web server account. See Installing Drupal on W6
  2. Keep the Drupal sofware up-to-date.  You are responsible for applying all security patches and updates to the Drupal software.

NO TECHNICAL SUPPORT is provided when you go through the workshop material online.